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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 14, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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please check out the fox news factor website. any time you wish to opine. word of the day blooter. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight, new evidence is emerging that a top official with the irs used a personal e-mail account to cover her tracks while the embattled tax agency targeted conservatives. this bombshell was revealed in a letter from the chairman of the house oversight committee to lois lerner. she pled the fifth. remains on paid administrative leave. according to congressman darrell issa, "we have learned that you sent documents related to your official duties from your official irs e-mail account to an e-mail account labeled lois home. the label goes on to read "we write to request documents
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related to your official duties that are house in non-official e-mail accounts." in other words, ms. lerner needs to take a break from her taxpayer funded vacation, hand over all of the e-mails that she's been hiding from congressional investigators and she needs to do so no later than 5:00 p.m. on august 27th. joining me now with reaction is the man who has been leading this important investigation from the get-go, chairman of the house oversight committee, congressman darrell issa. good to see you. >> thanks for covering this update in one of the scandals that even the president can't in good faith call phony. >> yeah, good point. explain in detail why this is important, and there are other issues that might shed some light on why she pled the fifth. >> well, sean, one of the important things is that the more we see lois lerner as at the center of a number of points, the people below her in cincinnati and washington were sending information to her and she was saying stop, don't do
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anything. she's part of the discussion with the political-appointed office of the chief consul, and as you say, she took the fifth when we simply wanted to ask her what she knew and when she knew it. and when you see that she circumvented the official mail in private -- i hate to call it private, but in using non-government e-mail accounts for government-type business or communications with other individuals and agencies such as the fec or the s.e.c., it raises concerns about what she was really up to. >> first of all, would this be illegal what she's done? do you think she's been obstructing justice? if in fact she was using a personal account? is that legal? >> it's an odd law. the federal records act requires that all this information be gathered. but there's no explicit penalty. it's not a crime you can go to jail for for simply using that. so if you have a hard time putting her in jail for it. but it is the responsible of the
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irs and the secretary of the treasury to get this information, and so far they haven't been willing to get it and give it to us. >> let's talk about the relationship with the fec. didn't she once work for that agency? >> she did. and this is one of those interesting things about people who move around in government, and everywhere they go they seem to move an agenda. and she certainly seems like she has an agenda against conservatives. >> well, you're sort of being obscure here, congressman. you know more than you're telling. do you believe that she shared tax information, which would be i believe a violation of 6301, if i have the code right? >> the 6103 -- >> okay. >> we don't currently have proof. one of the things about our committee is we don't speculate on what we might find. we are following the leads as to her activities. and it's one of the reasons we haven't called her back on her failed fifth amendment attempt. we want to make sure we have all the tentacles, if you will,
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around her before we have her back to have her tell us properly what she did know rather than tell us what she didn't do, tell us how innocent she was, and then try to take the fifth, having already testified. >> do you know if she, in fact, was communicated information about people's taxes with people within the fec? >> well, that's part of what we want to find out, what these conversations are. even if there's no 6103, no explicit breaking of the law, the fact that there was communication with the federal election commission, or any other government agency raises the question of whether knowledge at the irs is being used to say what about these people either directly by name or by the tight category they're in. certainly as you know, the president dislikes tea party groups. he dislikes constitutional groups unless they agree with his interpretation of the constitution, and that may be
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what we're seeing, is people who think that citizens united was a bad decision, like the president. and who are acting on that. >> let me play for you what i believe is a smoking gun tape. this is lois lerner saying that everybody was pressuring the irs to do something about all the money. this was in relation to, of course, what came out as a result of the supreme court decision. so i want you to listen to this and tell me what you think of this. >> chipped away, and chipped away. the supreme court bill took a huge blow, that said basically corporations could indirect -- and everyone is up in arms because they don't like it.
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>> she's talking about the citizens united case and she's admitting that they can, in fact, run ads in favor of candidates. then she says, so everybody's screaming at us right now. fix it now before the election. this is in 2010 she said this. what does this say to you? >> what it says is exactly what
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i was alluding to, is that she seems to have a political agenda, believes that it's her job to fix it, believes, i suspect, that citizens united was wrongly decided. something that i vividly remember the president chastising the supreme court justices right in the well of the house of representatives over their decision. so it's pretty consistent with the president's view that citizens united was decided wrong, and perhaps her view that she can do something about it. >> all right, but they said they want the irs to fix the problem. did the irs fix the problem by, fact, not granting conservative groups their tax status that they were granting liberal groups? >> they certainly reduced the effectiveness of conservative groups by their action. more importantly, even the acting commissioner, by his saying, well you can go forward if you self-declare that you're only doing 40% or less, is
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trying to move the football for conservative groups from where the supreme court put it. and a lot of that kind of activity shows the hands of people at the irs and people in this administration in which they don't like what the supreme court decided, so they're going to try and circumvent it using their powers. >> but let me look at the timeline. this was in 2010. didn't all of these instances of targeting conservative groups happen immediately after she said that she was being politically pressured to fix it? >> absolutely. it's almost exactly when it started and continues until today. there are many, many, many tea party groups and other conservative groups who were still waiting for an answer, and as a result, they can't even appeal a decision because they haven't gotten one. >> you can comfortably say that we were told a lie that this was not about rogue independent agents in cincinnati acting on their own, and between lois lerner and carter hull, you believe this is political? >> we believe that it was ideological and that it clearly
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affected only conservative groups, that even the progressive groups that came up in the searches, they were approved or denied in ordinary course. well, conservative groups were denied justice for as much as three years. >> do you believe laws were broken, congressman, at this point? >> i believe that the trust of the american people was broken, and it continues -- >> i didn't ask you that. i asked if you if you thought laws were broken. >> i understand. if we see a law broken explicitly, we certainly will go to a referral. right now what we see is something worse. we see the intent and recognition of people that the irs should not be a political body and that if it is, it could be the end of our democracy. we see that being broken, even while so far we haven't found any criminal violations. >> congressman, we'll continue to follow the story and hope we get to the bottom of it. thank you. >> thank you, sean. coming up next, bob and andrea go head-to-head over an obama care poll that will leave
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you absolutely stunned. wait until you hear what 92% of federal government employees had to say about the president's health care overhaul. by the way, they don't want it. and later, it's come to this. the naacp is actually calling for the secret service and the obama justice department to investigate this rodeo clown. is that how you want your tax dollars spent? we have a heated "hannity" debate. it's still ahead. you get to select today's video of the day. option number one is the second and third installments of the rnc's viral video assault on hillary clinton. >> the investment firm seeking those investor visas is run by mrs. clinton's brother anthony rodham. >> you know, i bet 've be in th arena for a long time. i have a lot of baggage. llion t are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less.
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welcome back to "hannity." with each passing day, we find yet another example of hypocrisy from the administration. this time, when it comes to the implementation of obama care. the latest absurd story comes to us courtesy of "the daily caller." they have a new article. it reads "less than 3% of u.s. federal workers want to give up their current health plans and join obama care. according to a new poll, 92.3% of federal workers think that they should continue with their current health insurance program. the federal employees health benefits program, while just 2.8% think they should be required to join obama care exchanges like the rest of us.
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4.9%, they're clueless, they're not sure. according to the latest survey by let me see if i have this straight. the people who are tasked with implementing, enforcing obama care, including irs agents, they hate it as much as you do. joining me now with reaction, the co-hosts of "the five." you owe her an apology before you start. or else i'm going to tell everybody what i said. >> you're not going to tell her. i'm sorry, okay? >> tell her. you cannot say the things you say. >> i'm a liberal. >> that gives you carte blanche to do it? >> tell that to the judge. tell it to the judge, bobby. >> not going to use that word, though. >> people don't realize i have a little button, right, bob? it's called the beckel button. i just tune him right out. >> i'm sticking up for you.
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hypocrisy, bob, federal employees. they don't want this great plan that we're going to be burdened with? >> if you had as good a plan as federal employees have, of course they don't want to go on obama care. the fact of the matter is, look, most people who are out there who are negative on obama care don't have a single clue what's in it. when you ask yourself, when you've got a great health care plan like they've got, you want to go into obama exchange, of course not. why is that so surprising? there are millions of people right now today who have insurance who are 26 years old or younger, there are millions of seniors -- >> let them stay home until they're 40, bob, with mommy and daddy. >> and there's millions like me who have preexisting conditions who now have insurance. >> lots of people who barely need the insurance. this isn't surprising, this study. it's infuriating. it is infuriating. why? because these unions push for this bill. congress passes a bill. no one reads a bill. the irs is supposed to enforce the bill. they push this law on all of us.
6:17 pm
and then they say we don't want any part of it, though. so now we have to deal with it. that's why it's so angering. >> what's wrong with obama care? >> you've seen premiums go up in a number of different states. >> it's been going up since 1950. >> not like this. bob, you know that i know this bill. and we've seen premiums skyrocket. in ohio, 41%. in florida, 71% increases. >> why shouldn't they go up? >> a lot of the provisions have already gone into effect. we are headed into third world country territory with this bill. the quality of care is going to go down. access to care is going to go down. i don't have to tell you, sean, this thing is a nightmare. >> first of all, one of the promises was that people could stay on their own health care plans if they wanted. people are being forced into obama care, which we predicted. costs would go down. andrea is exactly right. study came out, 70% increases in states like florida. 80% in ohio. >> it has everything to do with
6:18 pm
the insurance companies ripping everybody off. >> you're just making this stuff up. >> bob and i actually agree on the insurance company portion. you and i agree that insurance companies often do very bad things. however -- and i'm going to take a shot at a republican on this. look at massachusetts. same exact thing happened. they didn't sign up. they were signing up when they got sick. all these sick people were going in and out of the systems, driving premiums through the roof. they had to implement price controls. what happens when you limit pricing? that's a republican plan. >> do you believe in the rule of law? do you believe that congress passes laws, presidents sign them into law, and that presidents do not have the ability, constitutional authority to unilaterally not obey sections of laws? >> there's not a single law, and i've been in the white house -- there's not a single law that passes through the congress, that the executive branch does not have regulations and has the
6:19 pm
ability to interpret that -- >> interpret? they're changing the law. but bob, they're changing the entire law. this announcement about limiting caps for people, so now people are just going to have to go out of pocket. this is where the media and the conservative media has gotten it wrong. what's more important to obama, bad pr or having you and me pay more out of pocket? so what do they figure? screw the patients. they can pay more out of pocket. they can't just change the law like that. >> yes, they can. >> they didn't file a lawsuit on us. >> they should. tick t tick-tock. we're weight. >> after you get through all this ragging about obama care, and you want to do away with it, what are you going to do with the 30 million people who are uninsured? >> the cbo says after we implement obama care, 30 million people will still be uninsured. >> i thought it was 15. >> the cbo -- let me give you
6:20 pm
the number. 30 million people will remain uninsured. the cbo. >> sean, how about this? it is the law of the land. get used to it. >> here's my question. and this is, i think, key. at the end of the day, how do you expect that the president of the united states can just not obey a section of law? how do you support that? >> the biggest problem they have is they got completely outmaneuvered on public relations. they were terrible trying to sell this thing. >> fair point. >> secondly, a president of the united states, every president has to interpret laws. an executive branch has to interpret laws. >> but why has he changed the law? that's the most important question. answer me this. why has he changed the provisions of the law? because it stinks and he knows it and it's bad policy and it will hurt him. >> is defunding a good idea as a strategy for republicans? yes or no. >> no. i think they need to wait and
6:21 pm
let this thing implode on its own. i think they need to win elections. >> i disagree. i think republicans need to fight and have a backbone and stop surrendered. >> oh, i think they need to fight. but not this time. >> they did this for good political reasons, 2014. the reason everything's been moved back after 2014 is for politics. >> elections have consequences. we haven't been able to win. the only way to fix it is to win. by the way, bob wants to get out of here because he has a hot date tonight. >> really? >> it's a very personal thing. >> since bob likes to telegraph our personal details. bob had a date with her last night and it went really well and he's hoping date number two will be -- if you know what i mean. >> you're digging yourself in a hole. >> i love watching you -- oh, stop whining. coming up next, not only has
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this radio clown been fired and banned for life from the missouri state fair, the naacp is calling for the secret service to investigate the man. and later -- >> i go into a store, that shall remain unnamed, and i say to the woman, excuse me, may i see that bag right above your head? and she says to me, no. it's too expensive. >> oprah's racially charged allegations have landed the media mogul in some hot water. did she step over the line? we'll debate it. by the way, tune in tomorrow night, because we'll have an update on bob beckel's date and we need your help in picking the video of the day. just go to your vote for option two is right here. >> yesterday obama met with the prime minister of greece at the white house when he heard the leader of greece was there, biden was like john travolta is here? [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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welcome back to "hannity." the presidential parody paranoia at its finest. it started when a rodeo clown wearing a bask like president obama appeared at a state fair and yelled this to the crowd.
6:27 pm
>> president obama. >> hey, i know i'm a clown. he just running around acting like one, doesn't know he is one. you ready? obama, they're coming for you now. >> i'm ready. >> not only has that clown landed himself and his fellow funnymen in mandatory sensitivity training, but the naacp is calling for the federal government to get involved. the group issued a statement which reads in part, "the activities at the missouri state fair targeting and inciting violence against our president are serious and warrant a full review by both the secret service and the justice department." really? this is how you want your government to spend your hard-earned taxpayer dollars? the paranoia doesn't stop there. the missouri rodeo cowboy association president, he also resigned in the midst of this clown fallout. here with reaction on the most controversial rodeo clown in the
6:28 pm
history of our country, eric rush and jimou green. why are you laughing? >> because it's ridiculous. the naacp is out of their dang minds to think that this should be investigated by the department of justice. surprise, surprise that i think this is way overkill. it's wrong that the president is receiving more than 400% an increase in threats than any other president. that's bad. >> where did you get that statistic from? >> from the secret service. but do people even know what rodeo clowns do? i love the rodeo. i love rodeo austin. first two weeks in austin, march of 2014. rodeo clowns have to have nerves of steel. they have to have lightning reflexes. they have to have selfless devotion. so, you know what? it's a joke. rodeo clowns are the epitome of
6:29 pm
distraction. >> hell has frozen over on "hannity" because this is the first time i think we've ever agreed. let's go back and take a look at history. we've got tricky dick nixon and his mask. and we've got -- let's see, reagan and his mask. clinton. and we've got bush 41. but look at that nose on richard nixon. i mean, that's a big nose. that's not exactly complimentary of bush 41 there. but that's a mask. it's well-known that people would wear. well, well, there you go again. there's reagan. and of course we got -- i just want to say to all the hot tricks in the "hannity" audience tonight, here's my number. give me a call. so we've got that one. and we've got there's bush 43. come on. this is now that big a deal, eric? >> well, here's the thing. either we're going to be post-racial or we're not. it is the biggest batch of race-baiting bunk i've ever seen in terms of blowing it up to
6:30 pm
this extent and to have the naacp demanding an investigation and so forth. but you've got a few things going on here. one is the naacp struggling to stay relevant. two is the political left, which the naacp has established that it is a part, their need to keep old wounds open, promote hypersensitivity on the part of blacks. you don't diss the beloved leader. we can't have that. >> come on, eric. this isn't just the left. >> hold on a second. hold on a second. >> look at what the right did to the dixie chicks when they wanted to smash their records because they said something bad about bush. both sides are ridiculous. no one has a monopoly. >> let me finish. >> finish up, eric, and then i've got another question. >> okay, sure. then you have the administration, which has got
6:31 pm
to -- absolutely got to do its level best to manipulate the narrative, which has been very adept at doing. we've seen this in a lot of different areas with the press. and in some of these public things that have been going on, to keep the attention away from these so called phony scandals. any of which would have ousted another president. so there are a lot of different things in play here. i think although the issue itself on its basis is preposterous, the rodeo clown. there are some important things that go into this. >> let me bring up what i think is some hypocrisy here. the administration spokesman did weigh in and condemned the rodeo clown. the president himself got involved when he said the cambridge police acted stupidly. my son would look like trayvon. why is it always selective? for example, we have a controversy going on in the country about this videotape of three black children about 15
6:32 pm
beating up, pounding, eviscerating a 13-year-old kid who is white. pounding on beating him, kicking him. i haven't heard the president talk about this. just like in the case we have a democratic mayor of san diego who now 14 women have come forward. hasn't called any of the women that i know, but did call sandra flock. seems like that's selective morality. >> filner is discussing he should go. it -- filner is disgusting. he should go. >> but why speak out about trayvon, why speak out about the radio clown? >> you cannot say the administration is responsible for this distraction. we are responsible for this distraction. >> you don't answer my question. >> president obama responded to the trayvon martin case when it became the only thing that the media was talking about.
6:33 pm
i think the same thing would happen. i don't think the president cares about this rodeo clown. >> maybe the president should speak out. eric, you respond. >> he thinks it reflects badly. >> there's definitely hypocrisy going here. when it plays well to the administration, they talk about it to their agenda. when it doesn't, they don't. it's as simple as that. >> we are feeding the beast. we are feeding this beast. coming up, media mogul oprah winfrey has served up more controversy for talking about an incident that happened while she was in switzerland. what she said has some people outraged. we want to hear from you as always. log on to our special companion site. follow the live show. tell us what you think of the show and your comments about the issues we're talking about. vote on the video of the day. here is option number three. it's a heartwarming video of a bride who had her wish come true after being paralyzed from an
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and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. welcome back to "hannity." media mogul oprah winfrey can't seem to keep herself out of the spotlight lately. and by the way, not for good reasons. the most recent dust-up came during an interview with "e.t.." oprah winfrey was asked what she thought about the controversy around paula deen. the topic soon turned to racism. during the interview, oprah went on to cite a recent example involving herself. >> i was in zurich for tina turner's wedding. i decided i'm going to leave the hotel. it's just me by myself. stedman wasn't there. and gayle wasn't there. no friends. i'm out by myself. and i go into a store which shall remain unnamed. and i say to the woman, excuse me, may i see that bag right above your head? and she says to me, "no, it's too expensive."
6:39 pm
and i said "no, no, no, the black one, the one that's folded over." and she said "no, no, no, you don't want it, you want to see this one." and i said, well, no, i really did want to see that one. and she refused to get it. she refused to get it. and she started to show me other little bags. and i said one more time, i said but i really do just want to see that one. and she said "oh, i don't want to hurt your feelings." and i said "okay, thank you so much, you're probably right, i can't afford it." and i walked out of the store. now why did she do that? >> oprah winfrey has since said she's sorry that it got blown up. apparently the store and the woman involved, they want to talk to oprah because they're saying that's not the way it
6:40 pm
happened. >> that's right. really there's no there there. oprah used the race card. the store owner and the race clerk called her out on it on her race card nonsense. oprah folded. and now she's been exposed. she's been outed. and thank goodness, those two stood up to oprah, because that's the thing. she's an elite. she doesn't like to be told no. so she's going to play the race card to try to prove a point, when she was wrong about it. >> what do you think a store with $38,000 bags, has some type of video surveillance? >> they should probably release that surveillance if they do have it. i wasn't there, dineen wasn't there. that's between oprah and them. but my concern is it's become an issue of liberals are always using the race card. when nowadays, you point out a legitimate example of racism, you're attacked for pointing out a legitimate example of racism. and that is not fair. >> if it did happen -- >> she backed off on saying it
6:41 pm
happened in switzerland because it's created this brouhaha and she should not. she shouldn't have said where it happened. >> let me play her comments. she compared -- let me say this. i always kind of liked oprah. i didn't like the crying and some of the topics, but i thought she is a searching, smart person, a great entrepreneur. i've really admired her. never saw her as racial in any way. really didn't. these comments surprised me, comparing trayvon, the killing of him. they gouged out this kid's eye. it was a horrible tragedy in mississippi. >> it's so easy during this time. trayvon martin paralleled to him. you get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and see how far we've come. >> there is no comparison. >> it's a baseless claim. but getting back to her in
6:42 pm
switzerland, there's a pattern here. in 2005 in paris at a hermes store -- is that how you pronounce it? >> i wear jeans and sneakers. >> the store closed. oprah wants to go shopping. they told her she couldn't. she had a hissy fit and she screamed racism. >> i thought it was true. i remember that story. i remember thinking it was horrible. >> but there's video of it. and there's a statement from the store that said this is what happened. but oprah injected race into it. >> well, again -- >> can't compare trayvon. >> i wasn't there and neither was dineen. >> but you can't compare trayvon. emetil was a rascist, vicious hate crime murder. that's not the same thing. >> a lot of african-americans, not all, certainly not all, but a lot do feel that this is a very modern day version of it. because they feel like justice was not served. >> that's ridiculous.
6:43 pm
>> people feel like justice was not served. >> that is downright rediidicul. >> you're part of the problem. making comments like that is downright divisive. >> i had a cross staked on my house, burned. >> we've got to take a break. coming back, while our fearless commander in chief was putting his feet up on vacation and swinging the golf club in martha's vineyard, chaos erupting in cairo. we'll get to that next. crossing an ocean with your body as the motor, it hurts. so my answer was advil. [ male announcer ] paul ridley chose advil. because nothing is stronger on tough pain. real people. real pain. real relief. advil. relief in action.
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welcome back to "hannity." it was all-out chaos on the streets of egypt today as clashes between egyptian security forces and supporters of former president mohamed morsi intensified, leaving more than 200 dead, including 43 egyptian police officers and about 2,000 more injured. the violence prompted egypt's government to declare a month-long state of emergency and to impose a nighttime curfew on cairo and ten other cities. the egyptian vice president abruptly resigned in the midst of the chaos, explaining that he did not agree with the military's use of force and could not bear responsibility
6:48 pm
for one drop of blood. as the violence escalated, the u.s. state department said it was reviewing u.s. aid policy on egypt. secretary of state john kerry had this to say about the deadly turmoil. >> today's events are deplorable and they run counter to egyptian aspirations for peace, include, and genuine democracy. we also strongly oppose a return to a state of emergency law. and we call on the government to respect basic human rights, including freedom of peaceful assembly and due process under the law. the united states remains at the ready to work with all of the parties and with our partners, and with others around the world in order to help achieve a peaceful democratic way forward. >> that's going to scare them. if you're wondering, by the way, where president obama was on this day of bloodshed, he was out golfing. his reaction for the author of
6:49 pm
"the brotherhood", and also america together foundation president. welcome back. i'm glad you're better. >> good to be with you, sean. thank you very much. >> michael, if we can turn back time and go back to prior to this arab spring, would we be better off? >> no. i think the democracy and freedom is a price people of egypt have to pay. it is sad and shameful what's happening. what the military is doing to the people. but i think in our own case in the united states and any country in the world, when you've got freedom or democracy, they have paid a huge sacrifice in terms of life and that's what the egyptian people are doing. >> it looks like for the third time now that it's about to fall. they had 30 years, eric, of stability while mubarak who kept
6:50 pm
the peace with israel. seems to me that geopolitically speaking, this is ground zero for the entire region. >> sean, this is an absolute disaster right now. with all due respect to mike, democracy is not on the horizon. in fact, sean, i believe we are in the precipice of all-out civil war in egypt. and what is the main reason for that, sean? the muslim brotherhood. this is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to violent, modern, islamic terrorist groups. jihad, martyrdom. they spawned al qaeda, spanned hamas. no way they will go quietly in egypt. and by the way, the muslim brotherhood, as we speak, sean, is burning christian churches in egypt to the ground. and the obama administration, surprise surprise, doesn't have too much to say about that. >> they've been stupid enough to give them f-16s that will likely eventually be used against israel. i told you from the very beginning -- i predicted with
6:51 pm
pinpoint accuracy everything that was going to happen here, including the rise of the muslim brotherhood. you told me that i was wrong. and i'm telling you we would have been better off if obama didn't push out mubarak. tell me where we're wrong here. >> sean, i have been right all along. i told you. >> you told me the muslim brotherhood wouldn't be in power. i told you they would be. >> i told you that they will go away. the people have hard fought for their freedom will get their freedom back. they will get their freedom back. what is wrong here is the way they are punishing the brotherhood. they need to be inclusive of them. you may agree, they are the most dangerous allegations. >> you told me at the time that they would never come into power and i told you they would. i predicted this chaos. i predicted that this would spread throughout the entire region. >> i did tell you that, that they will come into power, but also i told you that if they misbehave, people will take
6:52 pm
back -- you said the people of egypt would never allow that to happen. >> but i was wrong on that part. but i was right that the people will take back the freedom and they did it beautifully. and this is a sad thing. but that's part of the price they have to pay to earn the freedom, to earn the democracy. the egyptians are going to have their own system of democracy. and you will see a lot of good things happening. we need to stand by and think of that. >> let's go to eric. eric, your book is called "the brotherhood: america's next great enemy." my opinion is -- and i hope i'm wrong. i hope mike is right and i can come on the air and say mike is right. but i don't think it's going to happen. why do i believe this is going to spread to north africa, it's going to spread to jordan. it's already spreading to syria. why do i think it's going to get worse? >> because this is america's next great enemy, sean. the ideology of the muslim
6:53 pm
brotherhood is inherently anti-american. i'll give you a great example. just two weeks ago, a top muslim brotherhood leader in egypt called for "a siege of the u.s. embassy in cairo." hello, sean. with the chaos in egypt, we could see benghazi part two. the brotherhood's whole ideology, i outline in the book from their inception, is worldwide domination. this is a group that collaborated with the nazis during the 1930s. assassinated egyptian leaders, sean. this is who they are. it's all jihad all the time. >> here's my prediction, and i pray, mike, i'm wrong. we are going to look back on this period of human history as the rise of the radical islamist, and it is going to be bloody, it is going to be ugly, and it is going to be mass destruction before it's all said and done. tell me i'm wrong. >> it is going to be the fall of radical islam.
6:54 pm
there's going to be bloodshed, but people will want their freedom back, and this is the decline of radical islam. and that is my prediction, sean. and i'm going to be right. >> mike, i pray that you're right. i don't think you are, unfortunately. i smell it coming. i smell trouble coming. >> it will never come. muslims are so divided. there is no way it will come. >> sunni and shia do unite on one point, hatred of the west. coming up next on "hannity," we will reveal what you have chosen as tonight's video of the day. that's next. ♪ oreo
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6:59 pm
rnc that ask what nbc and cnn might conveniently leave out of their productions promoting hillary clinton ahead of the 2016 elections. take a look. >> the securities and exchange commission is looking at whether the former car company gree tech automotive improperly solicited foreign investors, allegations the company guaranteed returns and u.s. visas to those investors. >> the investment firms run by mrs. clinton's brother anthony rodham. >> senator clinton moved quickly to distance her campaign from norman hugh after reports there's a long standing warrant for his arrest in california for failing to appear for sentencing in a case of grand theft. >> i've been in this arena a long time. i have a lot of baggage. >> sle does have a lot of baggage. i agree with hillary. that is all the time we have left for this evening.
7:00 pm
let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren is standing by to go live on the record. thanks for being with us. greta, take it away. tonight, well, did he go too far? >> the contempt that he has shown for the constitution and rule of law is appalling. the president has no authority to unilaterally change a law that congress passed and he signed. >> that's true. it's unconstitutional. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> we need to fight this bill every single day we can in a way that moves forward, and the idea of saying this is the last thing we can do, and if we come up short on this, then it's all over, is ridiculous. it's not all over. >> why don't we just delay the whole bill and come up with a real solution that really is affordab